Drunk Thoughts #1

Let  me preface this with a reaffirmation of the title. I’m drunk, so there are bound to be typos are idiocy below. 

I’m so glad I’m white. Even when people are racist to me they feel like they have to be nice. That’s always a weird feeling when someone is being nice through gritted teeth, but I know a lot of people deal with so much worse. I get more shit for being young and for being poor than I do for my race of gender. Time will fix one of those, but I’ll probably always be poor.

9:53: I’ve finished three beers and I’m onto the fourth. I guess I’ll probably drink all of these. I still haven’t accomplished anything. I’ve been listening to This American Life if you’re wondering where that last paragraph came from. It was a piece from an Arab that lives in a Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem. He ran into a bunch of, what I would call, light racism. The guy at the mattress store was racist, thinking he was probably dumb, and he spent tons of money renovating his apartment, but it turned out that his wife was just trying to change something so their family would fit in. I’m always touched by the nature of the way people experience racism. It’s not often violent, though sometimes it is, but it always make you fully aware of how much you don’t fit in and there’s something wrong with you. I think that feeling of fitting in is some weird intrinsic vibe that people feel between each other. It’s the feeling that as long as you follow the basic, easy to follow social conventions you’ll be alright. That same feeling, something in our brains that is meant to warn us if someone is an outside and might be dangerous, isn’t something you can explain to someone that always experiences it, but once you realize what it’s like to outside the group you realize how much it hurts to experience racism. We all need and want to feel that we fit in, even if we’re natural outsiders, so it hurts, a lot, to feel like you shouldn’t be somewhere; especially if you don’t belong because of something instinct and natural to who you are. Things like race, gender, or sexual orientation. Once you feel like you can’t change the fact that people radiate the vibe of you being an outsider just because of who your are you feel like you need to get away, but there are so many reasons people can’t get away. The fact is, you shouldn’t have to get away just to fit in, that’s bullshit. It’s the little things that hurt. Obviously violence and racist epithets don’t help, but you get past one asshole in the crowd. You can’t get past the feeling that other people you run into don’t think you fit in either, even if they don’t do anything explicitly horrible. That’s what I think people don’t understand about racism. It’s an ethereal vibe between us all that let’s someone know if they fit in. You can feel when you don’t and when you do. We all need to do our best to give off the right vibe, even if we don’t think we’re racist. 




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Calvin & Hobbes – Precious

Calvin & Hobbes - Precious

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Calvin & Procrastination

Calvin & Procrastination

Kolob Corporation

Kolob Corporation

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Edvard Munch – That is Eternity

Edvard Munch - That is Eternity

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The Newsroom Review

I’m watching The Newsroom now. It seems to be going alright, but it doesn’t have a huge draw for me in for the beginning. It’s seems boring. I’ll keep watching, but it doesn’t seem that appealing. <random>God, I love this font. It’s fucking gorgeous. (the font I’m using on my computer) 

I’m still typing and we’re a few minutes in already. It’s not a good sign. Oh well, I guess that doesn’t mean a whole lot. I’m pretty capable of ignoring things. They’re onto the coverage of the Arab Spring. It started with AWN being kicked out of, or rather blocked from entering, a senate committee meeting about piracy law. Intellectual Property, it’s serious shit. So serious that I pirated the show. 

On to Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Yay! retreading old news. Fucking yeah. 

I stopped taking notes after a while, but by the end of the episodes I was checking reddit again. 

I feel like the show is uses flashbacks too much. I’d rather we just had a little clue about the future from the character that introduces Genoa, rather than flashbacks from the lawyer interviews. I also find myself annoyed with the Occupy protester already, so I can’t see myself enjoying that arc. The drama between the characters in the office jumps a little farther than I would’ve preferred for continuity. It’s been a long time since the last season ended, I barely remembered what exactly had happened. I guess I don’t care for a lot of aspects of the plot and characters, but I’m still intrigued by the concept of a newsroom drama. I feel like it has a little too strong of a Sorkin feel to it. It’s not a bad feel for a show necessarily, but it doesn’t really feel appropriate for the subject of the show. I feel like the production is too crisp and clean, which is a weird contrast to the hectic nature of a newsroom. More than anything I feel like some of the character are flat out unlikable when they’re supposed to be likable. It feels like characters are caricatures, not people. Which, admittedly, all characters are, but it’s not supposed to be this obvious. It didn’t turn me off from watching the show again, but it came pretty close. I feel like they dug themselves into a hole in terms of watchability for me. It’s not completely a lost cause, but it feels like I could easily lose interest by episode three or four if things don’t improve. I feel like maybe The West Wing has raised my standards to unreasonable levels, but a drama likes this needs a lot of things this show misses that West Wing provided in spades. I know I should provide a run down of the differences in the shows that I don’t like, but, honestly, I don’t feel like writing a whole lot more about The Newsroom. I don’t care enough. That’s honestly the harshest critique I can give of the show. 

I don’t watch many TV shows; just Burn Notice, Sherlock, Elementary, The Killing, and Person of Interest. Obviously shows like Burn Notice and Elementary are popcorn shows that are easy to watch and pleasant enough, but not high quality entertainment. Person of Interest falls in the same category, but is maybe a step or half a step ahead in terms of the quality of the writing. That leaves The Killing, Sherlock, and The Newsroom to be my sources of better quality television. The Killing fell of the rails in the second season, probably just by having one, but definitely after a few episodes. I recently, tentatively, started watching the third season. It’s better. I still like the characters and setting, but the writing still isn’t perfect. A new crime for them to solve has really rejuvenated the show though. Sherlock is still on a long, long hiatus, so I was hoping to be able to really get into The Newsroom. I just wasn’t very drawn in after watching this episode. 

 I guess I’m leaving this with little to no structure, but that sort of reflects my feelings about the show. Not that it has no structure, but that I don’t care enough about the show to really sharpen anything I have to say about it. 

I’m really lazy, so this is all the editing I feel like doing. I’m sure there’s a bunch of errors in there still. 

tl:dr the newsroom isn’t particularly interesting, good, or worth watching