The Sun Also Rises

The Sun Also Rises

I made a picture that I’m calling The Sun Also Rises. It sort of embodies the despair, complexity, and anxiety I feel all the time. It has two or three sunrises hidden in it that sort of imply the repetitiveness of life, the days come and go without meaning anything. The picture is also incredibly messy, which is how life feel to me all the time. So fully of dirty images, complex, and anxious. There’s two other main features to the picture. One is the complex wave of colors that are spread around it. The colors don’t really stand out or form any real meaning or object, just like life is full of bright, saturated colors, but it’s incredibly difficult to find meaning. The colors are what I like about life, but at the same time they don’t add anything. The other feature is a tree. I’ve always loved the imagery of life as tree, so there’s all of this color, anxiety, messiness, and sunrises in the background on the picture, but the foreground is life. That’s all kind of bullshit, but it sounds good. I mostly wanted to make something sort of pretty. I was super depressed and anxious because I kind of broke down today, so that storm drove me to create something. I don’t really like it so much, but it reflects me pretty well. Kind of dirty, messy, and anxious. The Sun Also Rises, obviously, is a Hemingway reference, but I think the only parallel between the book and my picture is that the book sort of reveals a kind of messy, disorderly chaos of inter-connectedness which I hope I’m able to recreate in picture form.


Author: zaron5551

Mostly pictures made in GIMP, occasionally I pretend I can write something worth reading. Also, totally mediocre photography.

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