Political and Economic Frustration

¬†Middle class people look at the political process and become frustrated and hopeless, understanding that they’ll never get what they want from it; that’s how poor people see the economic system. The worst part is, they’re both right. So the next you hear someone attacking the poor for being lazy, ignorant, or malicious consider their perspective. Do you donate money to political campaigns knowing it will achieve nothing? Do you go door to door spreading the word? No, most likely you vote, maybe, and you sign your name to online petitions, even less common but still remarkably easy. The rational response to a game whose odds are unfairly stacked against you is to not play.¬†


“The fundamental cause of the trouble is…” – Bertrand Russel

A good quote from Bertrand Russel.

“This is why you can never reason…” – John Jeremiah Sullivan

Move the World