The Circus Never Leaves

This is a quote from Anne Lamott. I like the quote, but I feel like the picture isn’t quite complete. This is one that was going one direction, but radically shifted and ended up as something I’m not completely happy with.

Thucydides – Truth

“Most people, in fact, will not take the trouble in finding out the truth, but are much more inclined to accept the first story they hear.” – Thucydides I made this picture with GIMP over the course of a couple days. I made the picture with the intent of putting a quote on it, but couldn’t decide what quote to use. After sitting around staring at the picture for a couple days, and scrolling through thousands of quotes on my phone, I found this one. I think it works alright. There are a few flaws that I’ve noticed and it doesn’t seem to entirely hold as a single piece, but I think it’s pretty good. Resolution: 2560×1440.

What is the Endgame of an American Intervention in Iraq, Syria Against ISIS?

About a week ago I started to type a post arguing against a large intervention against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, but I never managed to finish it because I couldn’t organize my thoughts into one or two coherent paragraphs. By the time I had a better idea of what I wanted to say President Obama had given the world a little bit of time to cool off, saying there was no specific plan for action in Syria. With the upcoming NATO summit and Prime Minister Cameron calling for a unified action against ISIS it seems more and more likely that eventually the US, the UK, and probably some contingent of Western Europe will do something to stem the tide of ISIS. The argument for such an action is obvious, ISIS is doing terrible things like beheading journalists and crucifying people, is stuck in the 8th Century, and has members with American and European Union passports that could easily inflict damaging attacks in Europe and America. I have no argument against stopping ISIS, it does seem like a good idea, my problem is that we don’t actually seem to have much of an attainable goal after that. Let’s assume we can stop ISIS, what then? Iraq and Syria will still be highly unstable and susceptible to another similar organization gaining traction, Iran and Saudi Arabia will still want to fight a proxy war, and the Kurds will still want an independent Kurdistan. Stopping the existence of ISIS as the Islamic State is obviously possible, arguably it won’t be all that difficult, but all that will do is drive the survivors underground where they will start to operate more like a terrorist group and less like a state. That doesn’t improve Europe and America’s chances of avoiding attack at home. The Syrian civil war will presumably continue, so it’s seem likely another jihadist group will rise from the ashes of ISIS because the jihadists seem to attract the most support in terms of bodies and cash. Iraq will remain incredibly unstable, teetering on the edge of civil war it will be susceptible to yet another ISIS-esque push for territory if that occurs. ISIS should be stopped, but we should actually have a plan, and not a Nixon style secret plan, for what we’re going to achieve and how we’re going to do it. There should be Congressional debates, there should be authorization for a specific use of force, and the American people should have to right to decide if the plan makes sense instead of scaring them into support a terrible plan with the possibility of terrorist attacks on American soil. There currently appears to be no plan, so it seems unwise to jump to the action step out of a justifiable disgust of ISIS and their actions. Let’s pause, formulate, and debate a plan before jumping into any unwise intervention.

Why the Israelis and Palestinians Will Never Stop Fighting

 Israel has announced plans to expropriate 4 sq km of Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank….

The decision was announced on Sunday by the Israeli army department charged with administering civil affairs in the West Bank. The takeover of the land in the area of Gush Etzion clears the way for expansion of a settlement named Gevaot. Local Israeli settlements said they hoped to build on the land, which Palestinian officials said included many olive groves.


Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said the world community should hold Israel accountable for “the ongoing Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank and East Jerusalem”, according to the AFP news agency.

This is why there’s always violence between Palestinians and Israelis, not that stupid bullshit propaganda about Hamas. If the Israelis really wanted peace they’d stop doing this shit, but they don’t. And, of course, the US will just passively condemn it while waving their hands and doing nothing. Boycott. Divest. Sanction.