Starry Night Chicago

The title is a play on the Van Gogh picture and an Alkaline Trio lyric, I think though I can’t remember the exact song so it might not be. I’ve just got a snippet of a song playing in my head when I read the title, so I think it probably is. This picture was made by mixing a few pictures that been messed with or run through filters and with a bit of masking and the like in GIMP. 2560×1440.


MRAsterpiece Theater presents the most decadent review of Mad Max: Fury Road since the fall of Rome

So fucking funny, beautiful satire.

we hunted the mammoth

Good news everyone! No, I mean actual good news: The MRAsterpiece Theater duo have started making videos! Here’s Professor Skull’s darkly enlightened review of Mad Max: Fury Road.

It kind of kills me that on a technical level this video looks and sounds more professional than anything the real-life Sarkeesian Effect duo of Davis Aurini and Jordan Owen have managed to produce thus far.

But there are two glaring omissions from this little masterpiece: No skull, and no pizza box in the background. This is a very serious breach of ethics, I think.

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No Man Chooses Evil Because it is Evil

“No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks.” – Mary Wollstonecraft