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Income Inequality and Climate Change

Income inequality and economic injustice effects every issue this country faces, let’s just consider climate change. I’m sure you’ve noticed that there isn’t a lot of actual movement on the issue. Why? To my mind there are two big reasons for this and they both tie into income inequality. The most obvious is the fact that oil and gas tycoons have enough income to buy politicians and block real reform. If they had less money to spend they wouldn’t be able to block reform so easily. The second is less obvious, but nearly as important. There isn’t enough populist support for climate change legislation to overcome the money. Why not? I think there’s two reasons for this. First, there’s a media machine dedicated to denying climate change; again all the money showing its influence. Second, poor people have limited, but legitimate reasons to worry about how effective legislation will affect their lives. There’s a lot of people in this country balancing the cost of heat, gas for their cars, and food. A slight increase in energy costs could lead to more days going hungry every month. If these people had more money they wouldn’t have to worry and could be more supportive of climate change legislation.

Political and Economic Frustration

 Middle class people look at the political process and become frustrated and hopeless, understanding that they’ll never get what they want from it; that’s how poor people see the economic system. The worst part is, they’re both right. So the next you hear someone attacking the poor for being lazy, ignorant, or malicious consider their perspective. Do you donate money to political campaigns knowing it will achieve nothing? Do you go door to door spreading the word? No, most likely you vote, maybe, and you sign your name to online petitions, even less common but still remarkably easy. The rational response to a game whose odds are unfairly stacked against you is to not play. 

Lawrence Lessig – What So Bad About a Superpac?

Lawrence Lessig – What So Bad About a Superpac?

I’m posting this everywhere, because I feel like it’s really important. I think you should read everything Lessig has written about campaign finance reform, but this is an excellent primer on what’s wrong with money in politics.