Coasts Collide


A couple different photos of New York mixed with one of San Francisco with some extra dirtiness.


Starry Night Chicago

The title is a play on the Van Gogh picture and an Alkaline Trio lyric, I think though I can’t remember the exact song so it might not be. I’ve just got a snippet of a song playing in my head when I read the title, so I think it probably is. This picture was made by mixing a few pictures that been messed with or run through filters and with a bit of masking and the like in GIMP. 2560×1440.

Into the Mist

I made this picture in GIMP with a background someone posted on deviantart and a photo I found somewhere else on the internet. I honestly just kind of gave up one this picture because I felt it wasn’t really going anywhere.

Like a Dream

The title is taken from the quote. “The world, indeed, is like a dream and the treasures of the world are an alluring mirage! Like the apparent distances in a picture, things have no reality in themselves, but they are like heat haze.” – Buddha

Time – William Penn

Time - William Penn

This is a quotepaper I made using GIMP. Image is 2560×1440, I hope you enjoy.

Silhouette Mountain #2

Silhouette Mountain #2

A few months ago I made a picture I titled Silhouette Mountain, this picture uses the same mountain and tree photo, but adds a different pattern to the background and uses light differently. I wasn’t on planning on making something so similar to what I had already made, but I was bored and messing around and out popped this. It looked pretty good, so here it is. Image was made with GIMP 2.8 and is 2560×1440.

Path to the Swamp

Path to the Swamp